While communicating within the Linkshell, the following rules have been decided upon regarding appropriate conduct.
Breach of these rules will result in a warning for first offense, followed by a 24hr suspension, followed by immediate termination of Linkshell Access.
These rules are enforced by the sackholders within the linkshell.

1. No Profanity.
Many of the members are offended by excessive profanity, or have children or younger siblings watch while they play. We believe that this should be a game enjoyed by people of all ages.
As a result, please refrain from cursing or profanity while talking on the shell, or at least try to keep it to a minimum.

2. No Fights.
If you have a problem with someone, take it to /tell. We do not need to hear publicly about your disagreements.
If this problem cannot be resolved, or you have a problem with which you do not wish to discuss with the person, please contact a Pearlsack holder directly and we will do our best to remedy the situation.
As always, GMs are available if required to resolve disputes. We hope that it should not come to this between members of the Shell, however.

3. No Insults.
Insulting, demeaning, or derogatory comments do nothing other than to make the target feel bad, annoy the other linkshell members, and prove just how childish you really are.
We (the sackholders) believe that noone should be victim of such behavior.

4. Help other MagitekArmy members.
If another linkshell member is having difficulty or requesting assistance and you are available to help, you are encouraged to help that person, as some day it may be you needing the assistance.
This may even be as simple as a quick Cure, Regen, or Protect; or pulling an aggro'd mob off of the person.

5. No Begging
None. Don't beg for gil, don't beg for items. We all started with 100gil, just like you.

Questionable activity not covered in the above rules from any member of the linkshell may be subject to disciplinary measures subject to review and discussion by the Shell Officers and the offending user.
All disscussions and disciplinary action will be discussed in private /tell, and will be disclosed to other members of the shell only under the discretion of the handling officer.

If you have a problem with the rules, or wish others to be added, please mention it to a Sackholder and it will be discussed at the next Sackholder meeting.