1)   Select # of Players expected to participate in the skillchain.
2)   Select Job Level, Main Job, Sub Job, Preferred Weapon, and
    optionally enter in Player's Name for Player 1.
3)   Repeat Step 2 for each player participating in the skillchain.
4)   Select any options in the middle box on the left you wish to apply.
5)   Click Calculate Skillchain(s) (Beside # of Players) to
    list available skillchains.
*   If you wish to copy and paste the results of my calculator
    into a forum thread, please have the courtesy of crediting
    this calculator (and include a link back to this calculator)
I have seen a lot of people trying to steal the credit for
    the work of myself, Araius, Perim, and Aden.
*   Happy New Years everyone, I've finally got around to giving you some new updates!
    Mythic Weaponskills have been added, sorry it took me so long to get them in.
    Make sure you uncheck "Exclude Mythic Weaponskills" in the options panel on your left,
    otherwise they won't appear.
    Wild Flourish was also added 6 months ago or so thanks to some help from Paragon LS on Kujata.
    Anything else new you guys need to have added? Email ma (link at the top of your screen).